Our Story

My name is Sabrina Aisha Partisano. I’ve been in to fashion since I was young which is why I decided to get my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. When it was back to school time, I was ready to get those brand new outfits for the new year! I loved flipping through magazines, reading blogs online, and figuring out what was trending. One of my favorite things was to watch award show red carpets. I still do to this day! There is something about the display of beautiful gowns that I just can’t get over. If it was acceptable to walk around in a Versace dress dripping with diamonds I would be the first in line! 

Recently, I visited the mall and honestly, I was bored. I love shopping but department stores are just so massive and there was nothing in any of the smaller stores that appealed to me. On the last few trips, I’ve left empty handed, which is so out of character for me. Friends expressed the same experiences I was having. So one day I had this idea; open my own online boutique! I figured, “Well, I know what styles are trending, creating looks comes easy to me, and, most importantly, I love helping people!” I brought this wild idea home to my fiancé. Y’all, let me just tell you, that man never even questioned me. He said, “Ok, so how are we going to do it?” Before I knew it I was getting all my ducks in a row and here we are! 

From the start, it has been important to me to offer a collection that people find different and more exciting then what they can find in their local malls without spending hours wading through the sea of department stores. I personally go to market and hand-pick pieces that can stand alone or go together. I hope you'll enjoy the personal touch of our boutique and think these pieces are as unique as I do.

With love,

Sabrina, Zach, and Callie